Supervision and Mentoring



Supervision is a powerful way to be supported as a practitioner.

Often, supervision is viewed and feared as an external authority overlooking your work, with an intention to criticise, judge, correct, etc. Too often, this echoes our early upbringing and the influence of parents, teachers, and other authority figures.

Supervision is meant to be quite different.

How often do you

  • feel like you wish you could talk with someone about a client you work with

  • explore feelings that come up for you before, during or after sessions with a client,

  • but you can't because of confidentiality?

Do you ever feel like you could benefit from the kind of support you offer your clients or students?

Are you a new practitioner

  • feeling less than confident about your skills,

  • not sure how much to charge,

  • questioning your value as a practitioner,

  • wondering about how to set up your practice and actually attract clients...

Have you been a practitioner for years and are feeling an urge to make changes in how you practice?

Are you challenged by uncomfortable feelings with one or more clients or students? You may find yourself feeling

  • fear,

  • anger,

  • disgust

  • overwhelming love or even sexual attraction.

All of these "unacceptable" feelings are common for practitioners. It can help to have someone to explore them with. Often these express aspects of unconscious material emerging from your past or that of your client. Having gentle support to shine the light on such "shadow" material can help you to integrate it, instead of being run by it.



There are so many reasons to have ongoing supervision or mentoring with someone you feel safe with.

Supervision offers an outside perspective.

In supervision and mentoring sessions, I will

  • listen to and help clarify your intentions,

  • support you to reflect, consider and be kind to yourself,

  • include your body sensations, sometimes exploring options through movement

  • offer my understanding and perception, based on almost 40 years as a therapist in several fields and settings.

I particularly enjoy working with new practitioners or those pursuing change in their practice as this is a time your prenatal and birth history is likely to have impact. I love supporting your journey as you negotiate the challenges and rewards of this current birth canal!

I offer supervision and mentoring both in person for those in my local Totnes, Devon, UK area, and online, using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. I also offer small supervision groups specifically addressing prenatal and birth-related issues arising in session work and in your relationship to your work.

Please let me know how I can support you.