Emilie Conrad

Founder of Continuum Movement

Continuum is a practice using breath, sound, mindful awareness, and gentle movement.

Continuum's founder, Emilie Conrad was a pioneer in the field of Somatics. Her groundbreaking research at UCLA demonstrated the vital power of fluid movement in restoring neural function.

Emilie has shown that movement can return even with the paralysis of spinal cord injuries.

Continuum has been used for 50 years to enhance health and function with many types of health issues.

Our bodies are made up mostly of water. Continuum explores why this is so and leads us to an important key to health and well being.


How Can Continuum Help Me?

Modern life is fast and stressful. As you rush through your life, engage with electronics, and multi-task, your body tissues contract and become less fluid. Physical and emotional trauma can also have this effect.

Compression creates body density and isolates tissue. Your body is more rigid and less able to move. With compression, you are less able to respond in new ways to what life presents.

Continuum helps you to:

• Interrupt the aging process
• Increase fluid movement and flexibility
• Enhance your scope of health and vitality
• Experience pleasure and enjoyment in your body
• Develop renewed creativity and spontaneity

Practicing Continuum is like giving yourself a bodywork session, without any effort!



How does Continuum Work?

Breath: Slowing down, bringing awareness to breath...

• Enhances relaxation and mediates stress
• Increases oxygen flow to all your cells
• Facilitates detoxification so needed in our polluted world
• Unlocks your dipahragm and helps your lungs, heart, and digestive organs work better

Sound: Making specific sounds ...

• Releases patterns of stress and tension
• Tones your diaphragm
• Helps you slow down and relax
• Vibrates your body tissues, shaking loose old patterns of tension and trauma

Movement: Moving, or being moved, in spontaneous, new ways with awareness …

• Dissolves rigidity in your body tissues
• Increases flexibility
• Enhances ease and vitality
• Builds strength
• Frees you from the bondage of old patterns and habits
• Helps you be more pesent and comfortable in your body
• Crates new pathways in your brain
• Develops creativity and ability to be present in every aspect of your life, work and relationships


Who Can Benefit from Continuum?

Continuum can be beneficial for anyone dealing with stress and aging, as well as specific health issues. It also supports creative activities like writing, visual or performance arts. It has been helpful for ...

• Traumatic brain injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Back and neck pain
• Chronic pain, fatigue and neuromuscular problems
• Heart and breathing issues
• Arthritis and other joint problems
• Osteoporosis and other issues related to aging


How Do I Learn Continuum?

Continuum is available through group classes, workshops and longer retreats, as well as private sessions. 

Continuum Wellsprings is offered as a series of private sessions to meet your individual health needs. As a Continuum Wellsprings Advanced Practitioner, I have been specially trained to support you in using Continuum to address your specific health challenges by founder of Continuum, Emilie Conrad, and senior Continuum teacher, Robert Litman.

Continuum Wellsprings uses the gentle breaths, sounds, movement and awareness of Continuum, with particular attention to underlying somatic patterning, from prenatal and postnatal adaptation or other traumas. I read your tissues from a Continuum perspective and incorporate my experience from other therapies I practice and have trained in to develop a daily Continuum practice to meet your needs.


"I just wanted to thank you for your amazing gift of Friday's class in Portland. It was my first time working with Continuum, and I'm struck by what a powerful experience it was. I felt like I walked out of the studio in a more responsive, shinier vessel to present to the world."

             -  Janet Albarado, Research Administrator, Portland State University


"Continuum is like Alice doesn't need to go down the rabbit hole anymore. She can find the whole universe inside herself with continuum."

           -  Claire Armstrong, apprentice movement medicine teacher and healer, Darby, UK


"I've been doing Continuum for a few years now and found your "Living from the Heart " model to be very potent indeed.  I had such beautiful moments of sweet surrender, joy and ecstasy. What a wonderful experience to move between the worlds with my heart as a guide. Thank-you for putting your heart into your work!"

          - Heather Hutchinson, Dancer, Artist, Nelson, BC, Canada